How to Integrate Light Codes from the Lionsgate 88 Portal

Are you aware of the opening of the Galactic Portal known as the Lionsgate 88 Portal?

It is an incredible burst of very powerful, charged spiritual light energy that we can absorb and integrate to upgrade our entire lives!

Every year between July 26 and August 8, this portal opens, reaching its peak on August 8 (8/8).

This galactic door has a high frequency spiritual light energy that reaches each of us, allowing us to open our own energy centers, raise our consciousness, be inspired by new ideas, desires and projects, as well as strengthening our psychic intuition.

The magical numerology of 8/8 (August is the 8th month) is what activates this portal and harnesses the energy of manifestation, quantum leaps, and rebirth.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is activated through the magical numerology of 8/8 (August is the 8th month of the year), and the rising of the star Sirius, as well as the Sun in Leo which reaches the peak of that energy at 15 degrees of the Leo zodiac.

What does 88 represent?

88 in numerology is associated with infinity and DNA activation.

That’s so exciting, it means we can absorb this energy from Sirius and allow it to bring more healing, peace, compassion, and unconditional love into our own cells.

What is beautiful at this time is that we can all access and integrate this energy!

We just need a few tools to help us do this.

See how you can amplify and integrate these powerful light codes and the ascension is lit down through the portal.

Clear and awaken your Third Eye Chakra (Pineal Gland)

The Third Eye is the link between you in human form and the rest of the mysterious and divine Universe.

Located between our eyes and just above their eyes, it is the starting point of your intuition and your connection to higher realms.

This chakra governs inner vision, intuition, imagination, clear thinking, intelligence and the ability to identify our soul’s purpose.

The Third Eye is also believed to be the Pineal Gland – a vital part of the brain that regulates our dreams, and is responsible for our psychic abilities.

You need a clear and open Third Eye or Pineal Gland in order to see your destiny and feel empowered to trust your intuition in life.

You can do a lot to nourish and awaken your Pineal gland with simple daily actions:

  • Eat organic, high vibrational, raw foods whenever possible.
  • Cut back on saturated fats, processed foods and meat.
  • Get plenty of sun (during the morning or late evening).
  • Increase your intake of Superfoods such as blueberries, cocoa, green tea, spirulina, and medicinal mushrooms.
  • Avoid chemicals in the home, and use natural products where possible.
  • Avoid drinking fluoridated water (try to drink fresh, filtered, spring water).
  • Meditate daily and practice mindfulness.

The Light Codes from the Lionsgate Portal are received through the Pineal Gland and Third Eye chakra, so you need to make sure yours is clear and open in order to make the most of this powerful spiritual energy.

Opening the Third Eye Chakra:

The best crystal for this ritual is Amethyst with its purple color complementing the purple color of the Third Eye chakra.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an amethyst crystal, you can use clear or blue quartz, or just do the ritual without a crystal.

Charge your crystals in sunlight or moonlight first or rinse them with filtered or salt water to cleanse them.

  • If you have an amethyst, you can lie flat on your back and place it on the chakra area of ​​your third eye, in the middle of your forehead. You closed your eyes.
  • Breathe in and exhale a few times here, and as you do Visualize blue-violet light radiating from the crystal and entering your Eye Chakra.
  • Feel how peaceful and cleansing this is for you. Feel a sense of calm, balance and joy as this energy activates your Third Eye.
  • Continue to visualize the violet light energy entering your Third Eye and activating that center.
  • You may feel a tingling sensation there, or even see the purple/blue color while meditating.
  • Stay here until it feels good to you.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes and bring your awareness back to your body and the world around you.

You can repeat this ritual as many times as you feel called to do so.

Each time you are clearing and opening your Third Eye Chakra so you can more easily allow these light codes to filter into your body and consciousness.

How will you know when you are integrating these light codes? You will start to experience:

  • Accelerated Spiritual Growth
  • Prophetic Dreams
  • Downloads of wisdom and knowledge
  • A sense of awakening your senses

Finally, you must trust that any message or download you receive will lead you to realign with your spiritual truth, your true power, and your soul’s blueprint.

Enjoy this powerful energy!