Manifesting Is About Who You Become In Your Journey to Abundance

Do you realize that your journey to abundance isn’t just about seeing your wealth increase, it’s also about who you become along the way?

What kind of changes do you make in your life in the process of creating your new reality?

In what ways would you change your patterns, habits and behavior for good?

The creative process of manifestation is about aligning yourself with the energy of the Universe. It’s about doing, not getting. It is about raising your energy and spirit to a frequency that matches your desire.

The process of manifestation goes beyond simply the desire you have for abundance; it changes who you are and what your whole world is made of.

If you want to manifest abundance, you must think about how you can change your inner state to become the abundance you are looking for.

Try this Abundance Exercise:

Identify 3-5 people you know or figures in history who have or had what you would like for yourself.

Study what they did to become abundant in that way. Mirror their habits and lifestyle.
Find out all about what they went through during their travels. This is for inspiration and also to put into practice action steps you can take to become just as successful.

Manifesting Is About Who You Become On Your Journey To Abundance

Educate yourself about how the wealthy people you admire accumulated their wealth. In short, how did they get the abundance they were looking for? You will undoubtedly discover that in general their bank accounts have not suddenly experienced a magical rain, nor has money rained from the sky into their laps. Like everything in life, the path to abundance is made up of different individual experiences rather than a direct, linear route.

You will find, however, that the successful people you admire share certain qualities such as:

  • Confidence in yourself
  • Faith in themselves
  • Persistence and determination
  • Dedication and desire to learn and become better at what they do

Get as detailed as you can about this exercise, find out what kind of setbacks, failures, and difficulties those people had as well as the positive events that led them to their success. This is important to realize that within every challenge there is an opportunity to achieve abundance.

Remember to celebrate your own successes no matter how big or small. Every small success is an indication that you are capable of more. Knowing how other people made it to where you want to be can help you appreciate your journey even more. You may discover that those you admire have experienced more rejections than you should and still managed to get through with persistence and determination.

There is nothing more inspiring than someone who has gone through hard times and succeeded against the odds!

One of the most important things to understand when seeking abundance is to realize that abundant people simply know and feel that they are already abundant. It is because they are in tune with their present, their reality, and their external environment.

This is the secret to manifestation. It raises your frequency so high that you become what you seek before it physically manifests in your reality.

Whether your desire is for an abundance of health, wealth, or a loving relationship, the key is to sustain the state of being that makes you feel like you already have those desires.

The idea is to sustain that state you are in every day until it becomes your reality. Once this happens, stop thinking about “manifesting” and look for your desires that you wish to create.

When you feel that way, you become present with your life, and you no longer feel any kind of lack or scarcity as you wait for something to appear.

To recap:

  • Make a list of abundant people you admire, look up to and are inspired by
  • Educate yourself on what they went through to achieve what they have and live today
  • Mirror their habits, attitudes and behaviors
  • Celebrate your successes, no matter how small
  • Take time to meditate every day and visualize yourself as already being what you desire.
  • You see yourself as successful, you mentally repeat your new habits and thoughts, and you see and feel yourself confident in yourself, capable, and achieving what you desire.