Use The Law Of Attraction To Change Your Physical Appearance

Let me tell you something you probably didn’t know about—in regards to your physical appearance; it is a product of manifestation.


Ever since you were a child, you have been unconsciously getting and absorbing information from many people. Probably, this started with adults talking about how beautiful you are, while you may have also heard some nasty remarks that although they weren’t a big deal before, subconsciously, it is.

And now that you’re an adult and more aware of how you look—the information you’ve accumulated about how you look over the years has come to light. Whatever he told you then etched on your mind and sculpted your current physical appearance.

Apart from that, the way you talk to yourself and the way you see yourself have shaped how you look.

So, here’s something I want to get out of the way— YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

The way you look right now is perfect. You may not see it right now, but I do because I can feel the divinity in you.

Such good words are, good, good But it is not enough for you to use it to manifest the physical appearance you want. This is totally understandable, because if you’re going to do it, you have to do most of the work, and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about.

And before you think about going to the best cosmetic surgeon to help you, trust me on this—there’s no amount of plastic surgery that can make you feel beautiful at all.

It always, always starts and ends with you.

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to use the power of the Law of Attraction (LOA) to manifest the physical appearance you want by:

Look The New You

Every day, practice visualization techniques — daydream about the face or body you want.

Note: This is the most basic concept of LOA.

To change how you look, you have to change how you look in your mind. Remember that how you see yourself is what will manifest in your reality. Talk about your wishes out loud and as often as you can. Put out positive vibrations for the universe, and it will pick up on it and help you manifest your desires.

If you do this every day, your mind will begin to believe and will direct your actions in such a way that what you want is already happening.

They believe

If you think manifesting the physical appearance you want is impossible, then you might as well go to a plastic surgeon and spend a lot of money to make your dreams come true… a little.

If you want to harness the power of the universe and the LOA, you have to believe that everything you want to attract is easy and possible. When you do this, and make an effort to believe in it every day, every cell in your body works together with the power of the universe to make it come true.

Make The Placebo Effect Happen In Your Life

The placebo effect is a real phenomenon. This is a great technique to move you quickly towards achieving your desires. What will work best for you? Maybe, fruit? For example, you can eat an apple every day and treat it as your placebo—the more you eat, the closer you get to your desires. You can also research natural remedies or prayers to help you achieve your desired effect.

The universe already knows exactly what you want, and is probably already giving you the tools to make your wishes come true. However, the problem you don’t see is because of the resistance. Keep your eyes peeled—what you need is with you right now. Use it and manifest the physical appearance you want.

Believe in every part of your body that it is effective, and it will be.